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We provide skill-based training courses across Africa, Middle East and Asia

Highest Quality Training

Our events are thoroughly researched to cater for every stage of your organization’s development path. Course facilitators are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality training is being delivered together with “added values” beyond the core curriculum.

We understand that business networking is one of the key components in every organizations’ competency and competitive edge. Thus we provide ideal business platforms for you to tap into the collective wisdom of your peers worldwide. To avoid the pitfalls of major corporations and benchmark against the best is what Absolute BME believes in.

Integrity is the Pride of our Business

And we pride ourselves for living and breathing to it day to day. We are open to our people and clients’ suggestions, and we strongly encourage them to endorse it.

“Character in the long run is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Absolute BME Services

Public Training

Our events provide the ideal business platform for you to network with your peers and to learn from the best.

In-House Training

Tailor-making training courses to meet your specific business needs and organisation objectives.

Marketing & Sponsorship

Marketing solution to provide new contacts and bringing you face-to-face with your key customers and prospects.

Our Courses

Oil & Gas Courses

We expertly cover the Oil & Gas global energy industry to accelerate your learning curve. Led by world class trainers, our courses are highly researched to present advanced industry analysis and regional trends, packed with invaluable proven tools and techniques. Our reputation and sector knowledge are acknowledged by the energy community.

  • Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QSI)
  • Essential Geophysics Knowledge & Applications for Non Geophysicist
  • Gas Turbine Optimisation and Life Cycle Management
  • Enhancing Deepwater Subsea Tiebacks and Production Development
  • Advanced Solutions to Transformer Life Cycle Management Regional Workshop

Our Courses

Maritime, Mining & Other Courses

The Maritime and Mining sectors are a key focus in today’s business globalization. Our courses lets you acquire additional qualifications, which can help to streamline operations, improve logistical efficiencies and gather useful business critical news and data. Other than Maritime and Mining, Absolute BME also produces various courses in many other fields.

  • New Generation Anchor Handling Operations for Offshore Fields
  • Design for Transport in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Inspection, Maintenance, Selection and Application of Marine Steel Wire Ropes
  • Mining Contracts Negotiations Masterclass
  • Advanced Behavioral Collection & Negotiation Strategies

Testimonials from delegates and trainers speak volumes of our dedication and expertise

  • Absolute BME has conducted interesting courses in various fields of science and technology with notable success all over the world.

    Fluid Dynamics
  • My score for this workshop is 10 out of 10 beyond expectation.

    Kenya Power & Lighting Company
  • I have always found Absolute BME to be true professionals
    – McDermontt Will & Emery LLP

    McDermontt Will & Emery LLP
  • My score for this workshop is 10 out of 10 beyond expectation
    – Kenya Power & Lighting Company

    Kenya Power & Lighting Company
  • Absolute BME has conducted interesting courses in various fields of science and technology with notable success all over the world
    – Fluid Dynamics

    Fluid Dynamics

Testimonials from Delegates & Trainers